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English Park

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Exhibition of sculptures by Barbora Hapalová

While walking through the castle park or directly at the entrance gate to Chateau Mcely, you might catch sight of some unique works of art – sculptures by MgA Barbora Hapalová.

"Every sculpture says something about me, is a piece of my story, and together they are gradually forming a kind of diary of my life. Creating teaches me patience and perseverance, and helps me see into the places in my inner world that are often hard for me to get to. I can crystalize the thoughts and processes that are running through my brain and that I frequently don't truly understand - sculpting helps me find the connections that escape me."

All artwork displayed in the park is available for purchase. In case of your interest please contact our Reception at Reception@ChateauMcely.com or by phone +420 325 600 000


The Fountain of Fulfilled Wishes

The location where the original fountain used to stand was a favorite place for aristocratic families staying at the chateau to rest, and now a new sandstone fountain designed by Oto Bláha stands here. In the evening, the water is flooded by violet shadows, reminiscent of the flow of positive healing energy between the heavens and earth at the very spot where the Mcely Miracles occurred. Try making a wish, a small coin thrown into the water will certainly help the fulfillment of your intention. Stone saved from the original fountain today forms a protective circle around the statue of the Virgin Mary in the northern part of the park.

Princess Julinka’s Cottage

Young Prince Alexander della Torre e Tasso, also known as Saša, was born at the chateau and grew up here during the Second World War. Now, he has been replaced by young Julia, known to her family and friends as Julinka. Her parents love her just as devoutly, which is why they had a children’s cottage built on the foundation of the original one of Prince Alexander. There are lots of toys waiting for children here and a hammock and picnic table and chairs with a beautiful view for their parents to absorb and contemplate.

Children’s Playground—“Under the Daisy”

A slide leads directly from Princess Julinka’s Cottage to the children’s playground which has a large sandbox and swings. Mud pies, shovels and pails are waiting in the sandbox, and little architects can design and build the castles of their dreams in the sand. The swings can accommodate two friends or siblings at a time.

Fire Pit

Visit the fire pit and enjoy nostalgic memories of your childhood by roasting our homemade sausages that are sure to taste best with fresh bread, salad and cold draft beer. And, if you are an experienced camper, feel free to sing songs by the roaring fire.

Beetles Hotel

Chateau Mcely didn’t want to disturb the park’s natural ecosystem by removing wood and its little inhabitants from the area, so a unique “hotel” with ideal conditions for them was built. Natural science enthusiasts can borrow a magnifying glass from our reception to view the insects as they go about their daily work.

Natural Walk-For-Health

For aspiring or practicing lovers of a healthy lifestyle there is a fitness path prepared in the park to improve or maintain your condition. An experienced fitness trainer, Jan Větrovský, has created a training program and the health path for guests of Chateau Mcely. Along with natural fitness machines embedded in the surrounding landscape, the walk-for-health makes use of steep pathways and staircases that interconnect the individual terraces throughout the park. You should follow the exercise instructions carefully at each station.

Multifunctional Sports Ground

For those who love tennis, football-tennis (volleyball played with the feet) or basketball, in the lower section of the park, we have built a modern sports ground which has a special surface amenable to each of these sports. Take your friends with you, and perhaps play a little tournament. Our staff at Chateau Mcely will take care of your refreshments and the subsequently well-deserved relaxation in our Mcely Spa.

Herbal and Flower Garden

Take a moment to stop in the heart of the park – the kingdom of the chateau’s gardener. Smell the basil, lemon balm and oregano, or the mint and the flowers grown for decorating the chateau. Throughout the park, a collection of herbs called the Nine Flowers grow on nine different slopes. These herbs are used in Mcely Spa and in the chateau laboratory as part of the natural ingredients to create the Mcely Bouquet cosmetic products. In the middle of the gardens you can see an old ceramic bath from the 19th century, which served for many years in the main bathroom of the Thurn-Taxis family.

Witch’s Lair

In the past, this cave was used to store apples, potatoes, carrots or other root vegetables that were used in the chateau’s kitchen, and also for storing fuchsias from the northern face of the chateau. Today it is the witch’s lair, where she concocts her magical potions.

Honey Pavilion

On the southern slope of the park once stood the original chateau beehive, but this location is now dominated by an elegant, yet mystical hexagonal structure. It was inspired by the Czech tradition of the spa summerhouse and 17th century English spa hexagons, which the nobility built in their parks to cleanse and perfect their body and soul. Inside you will find the private therapeutic Honey Suite, one of the chateau’s threesome of Honey, Silk and Pearls, where healing herbal therapies inspired by local traditions of the Nine Flowers are performed.

Outdoor Sauna and Jacuzzi

To cleanse your body and mind perfectly, spend some time in the outdoor sauna which is similar to the traditional Russian spa. After getting thoroughly warmed up, guests can cool down in winter in the natural bathing lake. Next to the sauna there is a spacious romantic Jacuzzi under the wide Bohemian sky, enticing you into carefree idleness in the company of a close companion with a glass of champagne in your hand.

Mcely Beach and Natural Swimming Lake

A natural swimming lake provides summer bathing for guests with no chemicals at all. The water in the lake comes from a local spring and in the spirit of the ecological philosophy of Chateau Mcely is cleansed only by natural methods – a mechanical filtration technology with the help of stones, sand and gravel and maintenance of strict quality standards of the water by the use of special cleansing plants. The adjoining beach with white sand from the Labe River evokes that true holiday mood and perhaps most of all pleases the youngest, for whom there is also a wading pool next to the lake.

Sage Veil

Our Sage Veil is our largest flower group, numbering 12 thousand plants of sage pouring across our park over a distance of 0.5 km. The veil connects the newly reconstructed part of the English park with the current part. Sage is also used in our Mcely Bouquet natural cosmetics line, and you can enjoy its scent in Sage Body Peeling.